Applied Data Science Program

Become a data-driven decision maker with live virtual teaching from MIT faculty, hands-on projects, and mentorship from industry practitioners


MIT Professional Education's Applied Data Science Program, with curriculum developed and taught by MIT faculty, is delivered in collaboration with Great Learning.

Why Join the Applied Data Science Program

Live Virtual Teaching by
MIT Faculty
  • Live Virtual Sessions from world-renowned MIT Faculty
  • Curriculum designed to build industry-valued skills: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Python.
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Personalized Mentorship and Support
  • Live mentorship and guidance from data science practitioners on weekends
  • Collaborative yet personalised sessions in small groups
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Practical, Hands-on Training
  • Complete hands-on exposure through 6 projects under the guidance of industry experts
  • Final 3-week Capstone Project on a real-world business problem
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Working Professional
Live Virtual Sessions from world-renowned MIT Faculty
Career Support
Personalised mentorship and guidance from data science practitioners
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Hands-on training via 2 projects and 1 Capstone
Industry Project
Curriculum covering Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Python

Applied Data Science Program for Professionals

Live Virtual Sessions by MIT Program Faculty | Mentorship from Experts | 12 Weeks

Certificate of Completion from MIT Professional Education

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Introduction to the Applied Data Science Program from MIT Professional Education


Globally, a variety of professional Applied Data Science courses are accessible. Yet, there are several reasons for working professionals to pursue this Applied Data Science professional certificate program from MIT Professional Education in collaboration with Great Learning. The reasons are listed below:


  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is the world's highest-ranked university.

  • As per the rankings by QS World University Rankings 2023, MIT has ranked #1 university globally and ranked #2 worldwide as per the U.S. News & World Report 2022-2023.

  • MIT Professional Education provides working professionals in the science and technology fields with specialized, advanced education programs that grant access to world-renowned MIT research, knowledge, and expertise.

  • A crucial element of MIT's vision, MIT Professional Education carries out the directive to connect practitioner-oriented education with industry and to incorporate industry feedback and knowledge into MIT education and research.

Benefits of Pursuing MIT Professional Education Applied Data Science Certificate Course

Choosing this MIT Professional Education course has the following benefits:


  • Pursue the MIT Professional Education Applied Data Science certificate course and learn this cutting-edge technology from award-winning MIT faculty and mentors.

  • These distinguished MIT faculty members have created the curriculum to develop skills that are in high demand in the workplace.

  • Demonstrate your Applied Data Science Leadership by building a portfolio of six hands-on projects (including two mandatories) and completing a three-week capstone project that addresses a real-world business challenge.

  • Learners will work in a robust collaborative environment to interact with peers in Applied Data Science.

  • Enhance your career transition by receiving one-on-one counselling and reviewing your resume and LinkedIn profile. 

  • Apply concepts taught by the faculty by participating in live mentoring sessions and receiving advice from Applied Data Science experts.

  • Upon successful program completion, receive 16 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).


Details about MIT Professional Education Applied Data Science Course

In this comprehensive MIT Professional Education Applied Data Science online course, participants will gain essential skills to excel in Applied Data Science and Machine Learning. Now, let's delve into the program's extensive details.


Learnings Outcomes of the Course

The learning outcomes of this course are drafted below:

  • Explore the intricacies of Applied Data Science tools and techniques and their significance to real-world problems.

  • Build solid foundations in Python, Mathematics, and Statistics for Applied Data Science.

  • Use various Machine Learning techniques to tackle challenging issues and make data-driven business decisions.

  • Acquire proficiency in two prominent domains of Machine Learning: Deep Learning and Neural Networks. Explore their applications in fields like Computer Vision and unlock their full potential.

  • Become familiar with the theory underlying recommendation systems, then consider how it might be applied to various business contexts and industries.

  • Discover how to assemble a portfolio of projects suitable for the industry to showcase your expertise in extracting business insights from data.


Applied Data Science Syllabus

The list of the topics covered in the curriculum is drafted below:

  • The course commences with the foundations of Data Science, including:

    • Python - NumPy, Pandas, Arrays, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), and Data Visualization)

    • Statistics - Descriptive Statistics, Probability Distributions, Bayes’ Theorem, and Inferential Statistics

  • Followed by the Data Science foundations, learners will be introduced to Data Analysis and Visualization.

  • Moving forward, learners will explore several Machine Learning techniques, including Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Regression, Classification, Model Evaluation, Decision Trees, Random Forests, and Time Series.

  • Lastly, learners will become familiar with Deep Learning and Recommendation Systems.


[Explore Applied Data Science Syllabus]


Course Eligibility

The following are the eligibility criteria for this course:

  • Working professionals interested in a career in Applied Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Working professionals eager to implement Data Science and Machine Learning initiatives within their organizations

  • Entrepreneurs who want to innovate with the aid of Applied Data Science and Machine Learning techniques


Secure a Professional Certificate in Applied Data Science from MIT Professional Education

Upon completing this course, learners will earn a professional certificate in Applied Data Science from MIT Professional Education. Subsequently, learners will be eligible to apply for a range of job opportunities in the field of Applied Data Science, which will be further explored in the following section.


Applied Data Science Jobs

Top Applied Data Science jobs are highly competitive and require a combination of technical and business skills. Companies are increasingly looking for candidates with strong technical abilities and creative problem-solving skills. The job market will become increasingly competitive as demand for Applied Data Scientists continues to grow. It is vital to prepare for the challenge by pursuing the necessary training and education.


A few of the job openings are listed below:


The jobs mentioned above are just for reference. Numerous job openings are accessible across the world. Upon successful completion of the program, learners will be eligible to apply for several positions, including:


  • Applied Data Scientist

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Analyst

  • Applied Data Analyst

  • Applied Machine Learning Scientist

  • Applied Statistics Engineer, and many more


Whether you are just starting in Applied Data Science or a seasoned professional, the opportunities available to you in this growing field are vast and exciting. With the proper education and experience, you can secure a role in this high-paying and rapidly evolving industry.


Applied Data Science Salary

An Applied Data Scientist's salary can vary depending on the individual's experience, credentials, country, and industry. Generally, however, they can expect to earn anywhere from US$80,000 to US$160,000 per year. This range also considers any bonuses and perks associated with the job, such as stock options and other forms of compensation.

At the entry-level, an Applied Data Scientist can expect to earn an annual salary between US  $50,000 and US $70,000. This salary range covers various roles and responsibilities, including working with external data sources, creating data visualizations, building predictive models, and working with Machine Learning algorithms.

For more experienced and senior-level positions, an Applied Data Scientist's salary can range from US $100,000 to US $160,000 per year. These roles usually require at least a few years of experience. Usually, they involve higher-level responsibilities like leading Applied Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers teams, building complex data pipelines, and managing data-driven projects.