Data Science and Machine Learning: Making Data-Driven Decisions

Advance your Data Science Skills to solve business problems with this hand-made program for professionals

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Why Join the Data Science and Machine Learning Program

Learn from renowned
MIT Faculty
  • Recorded Video Lectures from world-renowned MIT Faculty.
  • Curriculum designed to build industry-valued skills.
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Personalized Mentorship and Support
  • Live mentorship and guidance from data science and machine learning practitioners on weekends.
  • Collaborative yet personalized sessions in small groups.
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Practical, Hands-on Training
  • Work on 3 industry-relevant projects and 50+ case studies.
  • Graded activities assessments and discussions on Great Learning forums.
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Working Professional
Recorded lectures from 11 world-renowned MIT faculty and Instructors.
Career Support
Personalized mentorship and guidance from data science & machine learning practitioners.
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Work on 3 industry-relevant hands-on projects and 50+ case studies.
Industry Project
Curriculum covering Data Science, Machine Learning and more.

Who is this Program for?

technology professional

Data scientists, data analysts, and professionals who wish to turn large volumes of data into actionable insights.

mid career professional

Early career professionals and senior managers, including Technical managers, Business intelligence analysts, IT practitioners, Management consultants, and Business managers.

computer science grad

Those with some academic/ professional training in applied mathematics/ statistics. Participants without this experience will have to put in extra work and will be provided support by Great Learning.

Certificate of Completion from MIT IDSS

MIT IDSS Benefits:

  1. Certificate from the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing and IDSS, upon successful completion of the program
  2. Exclusive discounts on current and future IDSS online course offerings
  3. Subscription to the IDSS newsletter
  4. Advance notice regarding upcoming courses, programs, and events
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Introduction to the Data Science & Machine Learning Course from MIT for Working Professionals

Numerous professional courses are available across the globe for Data Science and Machine Learning. Yet, there are several reasons for working professionals to register in this Machine Learning and Data Science professional certificate program from MIT IDSS, collaborating with Great Learning. The reasons are drafted below:

  • MIT is an abbreviation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the world's highest-ranked institutions.

  • According to rankings by QS World University Rankings 2023, MIT has ranked #1 university globally, and according to rankings by the U.S. News and World Report 2023, MIT is ranked #2 in the world.

  • The objective of MIT IDSS is to extend education and research in state-of-the-art analytical techniques in statistics and data science, information and decision systems, and the social sciences, and to apply these techniques to address complex societal challenges in a miscellaneous set of areas like finance, urbanization, social networks, energy systems, and health.

Benefits of Pursuing MIT Data Science Certificate Course

  • Pursue the MIT Data Science certificate course and learn these cutting-edge technologies from 11 award-winning MIT faculty and instructors.

  • These award-winning MIT faculty members have designed the curriculum to build industry-valued skills.

  • You can demonstrate your Data Science and Machine Learning Leadership by creating a portfolio of 15+ case studies and 3 real-life projects.

  • You will work in a robust collaborative environment to communicate with peers in Data Science and Machine Learning.

  • Obtain live mentorship sessions and guidance from Machine Learning and Data Science professionals on applying concepts taught by the faculties.

Alumni IDSS Benefits

Have a glance at the benefits offered by IDSS alumni:

  • Participants can obtain exclusive discounts on present and future courses offered by MIT IDSS.

  • Participants can acquire a subscription to MIT IDSS alumni mailing and newsletter lists.

  • Participants can acquire membership to advance notice of upcoming events and courses.

Details about MIT Data Science Course

In this comprehensive MIT Data Science online course, the participants will grasp all the critical skills required to master Data Science and Machine Learning. Let’s go through the extensive details about the course in Data Science for working professionals:

Course Learnings:

  • Obtain an understanding of the intricacies of Data Science tools, techniques, and their significance to real-world problems.

  • Learn the procedure to implement several Machine Learning techniques for solving complex problems and making data-driven business decisions.

  • Explore two noteworthy realms of Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Neural Networks, and learn how to apply these techniques to areas like Computer Vision.

  • Choose the process of representing your data while making predictions.

  • Obtain an understanding of the theory behind recommendation systems and analyze their applications to numerous industries and business contexts.

  • Learn the method to create an industry-ready portfolio of projects for demonstrating your ability to derive business insights from data.

Course Syllabus:

  • It commences with the fundamentals of Python programming language (NumPy, Pandas, and Data Visualization) and Statistics for Data Science.

  • Afterward, participants will learn Machine Learning techniques, including Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Techniques, Clustering, Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Classification and Hypothesis Testing, and several other algorithms.

  • Moving forward, participants will learn Deep Learning, Recommendation Systems, Networking & Graphical Models, Predictive Analysis, and Feature Engineering.

[Explore MIT Data Science Course Syllabus]

Course Eligibility:

  • Working professionals, such as early-career professionals or senior managers who want to pursue a career in Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Working professionals like Data Scientists, Data Analysts, or ML Engineers interested in leading Data Science and Machine Learning initiatives at their firms or businesses

  • Entrepreneurs interested in innovation with the assistance of Data Science and Machine Learning techniques

MIT Data Science for Working Professionals Course Duration

This professional course is for 12 weeks with recorded lectures from award-winning, world-renowned MIT faculty members and live mentorship sessions from industry experts.

MIT Data Science Course Fees

This professional course costs USD 2100, which the participants can pay in installments. The participants can make their payments through Credit/Debit Cards or Bank transfers. For further information, please get in touch with our admissions team.

Secure a Data Science Professional Certificate, along with Machine Learning from MIT IDSS

After successfully pursuing this course, you will secure a professional certificate in Data Science and Machine Learning: Making Data-Driven Decisions from MIT IDSS.