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What is an MBA?

Why should I do an MBA?

What types of MBA courses are offered?

What is the Fee structure of MBA programs?

Which universities offer MBA degree courses?

Which are the highest-paying MBA specializations?

Which are the online MBA courses?

What is the duration of specialized MBA programs?

What are the eligibility criteria for the MBA course?

How to apply for an MBA course? Do I need to appear for any exams to apply for online MBA programs?

Can I take these MBA Degree Courses from anywhere in the world?

How long does it take to complete an MBA or Management degree?

Is an online MBA course worth it?

What Is an Executive MBA, or EMBA?

Do I get an MBA degree or certificate after completing an online MBA course?

What is an MBA?
What is an MBA?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is an advanced degree program that equips students with comprehensive business management, strategy, and leadership knowledge and skills. Designed for professionals seeking career advancement, an MBA offers a well-rounded education in areas such as finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and entrepreneurship.

Why should I do an MBA?
Why should I do an MBA?

An MBA can be a valuable investment for your career, offering benefits such as:


  • Enhanced skillset: Gain comprehensive knowledge in business management, strategy, leadership, and various functional areas like marketing, finance, and operations.


  • Networking opportunities: Connect with classmates, faculty, and alumni, creating a network of professionals across industries and geographies.


  • Career advancement: Boost your career prospects by improving your eligibility for executive and managerial positions, leading to increased job security and salary potential.


  • Entrepreneurial growth: Develop the skills and mindset necessary to launch, manage, or scale a successful business venture.


  • Global perspective: MBA programs often emphasize international business and diverse viewpoints, preparing you to navigate complex, global business environments.
  • Personal development: Improve your communication, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities, fostering personal growth and confidence in various aspects of life.
What types of MBA courses are offered?
What types of MBA courses are offered?

Full-time MBA: These are the regular MBA courses with 2 years of duration and regular classes at the campus.

Online MBA: Online MBAs are generally the same in duration as regular MBAs, but the classes conducted are conducted online at the convenience of the student. The MBA online classes can be completed with the job going on.

Distance MBA: These are the 2-year correspondence program in management that are considered as an alternative to the MBA courses. Here, the students are required to attend classes, but not full-time. However, distance MBAs are not as valuable as full-time MBAs, online MBAs, or executive MBAs.

Generally, candidates for executive MBAs need to have work experience.

What is the Fee structure of MBA programs?
What is the Fee structure of MBA programs?

The fee structure for MBA programs varies significantly based on factors such as the institution, program format, location, and duration. For example, The typical cost of pursuing an MBA in the United States falls between $50,000 and $60,000 annually. However, for highly-ranked MBA institutions, the tuition fees can range from $70,000 to $90,000 per year.

Which universities offer MBA degree courses?
Which universities offer MBA degree courses?

Well-established universities offer MBA degree courses, and Great Lakes Executive Learning is one among them.

Which are the highest-paying MBA specializations?
Which are the highest-paying MBA specializations?

The highest-paying MBA specializations often vary depending on industry demand, job market trends, and regional factors. However, some consistently high-paying specializations include:



Keep in mind that compensation may vary based on experience, location, and company size. It's essential to choose a specialization that aligns with your interests, skills, and long-term career goals.

Which are the online MBA courses?
Which are the online MBA courses?

The online MBA courses offered by Great Learning in collaboration with different universities are:

Executive PG Program in Management from Great Lakes Executive Learning


What is the duration of specialized MBA programs?
What is the duration of specialized MBA programs?

The duration of specialized MBA programs depends on each university, like:

Executive PG Program in Management from Great Lakes Executive Learning - 12 months/1 year

What are the eligibility criteria for the MBA course?
What are the eligibility criteria for the MBA course?

The eligibility criteria for an MBA program typically include a bachelor's or any degree from an accredited institution or university. Some of the MBA courses demand specific skills and percentages while admitting the learners. It's important to check the specific requirements of each program you are interested in to ensure that you fulfil the eligibility criteria before applying.

How to apply for an MBA course? Do I need to appear for any exams to apply for online MBA programs?
How to apply for an MBA course? Do I need to appear for any exams to apply for online MBA programs?

An MBA course can be applied for by submitting an application form and submitting it to the business school's admissions office. You will have to wait for the screening call and then interviews for the further admission process. You may or may not need to appear for any exams to apply for an online MBA course. It depends on the MBA program. Ask a program advisor or visit a specific program page for more information.

Can I take these MBA Degree Courses from anywhere in the world?
Can I take these MBA Degree Courses from anywhere in the world?

Yes. Study MBA online from anywhere in the world. Most of our online MBA courses are designed in a way that permits students to take classes online at their own convenience.

How long does it take to complete an MBA or Management degree?
How long does it take to complete an MBA or Management degree?

Generally, an MBA takes 2 years to complete. Management degree programs may vary in length, with undergraduate programs typically taking four years to complete and graduate programs ranging from one to three years. It's important to note that some programs may offer accelerated options, allowing students to complete their degrees in a shorter timeframe. Ultimately, the duration depends on the MBA courses and the type of MBA program. If you want to pursue an MBA for working professionals, you need to join an executive MBA program, which is of a 1-year duration.

Is an online MBA course worth it?
Is an online MBA course worth it?

Online MBAs are worthwhile when you are considering costs and flexibility. It helps you save money and gives you the option to interact with peers and professors with more ease. Also, the plus point is that if you are a working professional, you will be able to do an MBA at a prestigious university with your job still intact. Online MBA courses are becoming increasingly popular these days, with the reasons being flexibility and cost.

What Is an Executive MBA, or EMBA?
What Is an Executive MBA, or EMBA?

An EMBA, or executive MBA, is a specialized MBA for working professionals. Students in an EMBA program typically have more work experience than those in a traditional MBA program. EMBA programs are also often shorter in duration than traditional MBA programs, lasting around 12–18 months.

Do I get an MBA degree or certificate after completing an online MBA course?
Do I get an MBA degree or certificate after completing an online MBA course?

Yes. After completing an online MBA degree, you will receive an MBA certificate or MBA degree that will prove your excellence during the course and help you find the best jobs in your domain.


What is Master of Business Administration

Pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from India’s top-ranked universities, become an expert of in-demand Management technologies like Digital Marketing, Data Science, Data Analytics, Supply Chain, etc. to succeed in a global business environment.

5.9 L+

Jobs in India

8 L+

Average Salary

1.3 L+

Learners Enrolled


Average salary hike

Gain Skills that matter

Learn skills that employers look for in management professionals.

skill in courses

Strategic thinking

Conduct research and effectively analyse data

  1. Decision Making
  2. Marketing strategy & planning
  3. Data Science and Business Analytics
  4. Marketing Research
  5. Strategic management
skill in courses

Entrepreneurial skills

Evaluate markets, Set goals, and think creatively

  1. Managerial accounting
  2. Advanced Excel
  3. Macroeconomics
  4. Corporate Finance
  5. Entrepreneurship
skill in courses

Leadership Skills

Inspiring team members to contribute meaningfully

  1. Business Leadership
  2. Managerial communication skills
  3. Operations management
  4. Project management
  5. Design thinking and Innovation

Here are all theTools you will experience

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Linkedin Ads
Hoot suite
Power Point
Google Analytics

Dedicated Career Support

2800+ leading organizations
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66% Alumni Career Transitions

Exclusive recruitment

Resume building

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What our great learners have to say

About our MBA courses and career support

Ability to work and learn at the same time was the greatest aspect of the program.

"Faculties are great. They explained the concepts really well and made the sessions fun. I remember a session on product management, which is my profile. I took lots of notes and those concepts still apply to my current profit. Ability to work and learn at the same time was the greatest aspect of the program."


Kanupriya Verma

Product Management · Great Lakes

I would rate the industry sessions as 10 on 10. I really like those

"I was already working as a manager but I opted for this program to explore more opportunities and advance towards a higher management position. I had great experience with faculties and colleges from different backgrounds. I would rate the industry sessions as 10 on 10. I really liked those."


Priya Sharma

Relationship Manager · Great Lakes

The other students are highly experienced and you get to learn from them

”Structure of program is very good. For an experienced person like me, going over unnecessary basics was not required. This was taken care of in the program. The other students are highly experienced and you get to learn from their thought process as well. It is a real value add in the whole experience.”


Vivek Nagpal

Operations & Supply Chain · Great Lakes

Our StudentsReceive offers from

American Express
Mercedes Benz
Tata Power

Choose your MBA Career Path

After securing an MBA degree, the job roles offered are highly mesmerizing. Many professionals are aspiring to confront a career transition into these roles.


IT Manager

Responsible for leading a company’s IT or computer systems, like upgradation, security, etc.


Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing the marketing outreach of products and services of a company.


Financial Manager

Manages all financial aspects of a company.


HR Manager

Handles recruitment, interviews, payrolls, training, and relations of an employee in an organization.


Management Consultant

Suggests organizations to improve the performance of a company by carefully analysing and evaluating all the existing assets, like problems, budgets, expenses, solutions, etc.


Investment Banker

Works with financial institutions and helps a company or government to raise their capitals.


Business Analyst

Conducts market analysis by examining both product lines and the overall profits acquired in the business.


Product Manager

Responsible for handling and developing new products for a company and illustrating business strategies.


Operations Manager

Responsible for designing and controlling the development of products and services in an organization.



MBA helps entrepreneurs to enhance their creativity and innovative skills for their start-ups.


Data Analyst

Provides analysis and insights to companies by taking data and information on specific topics, presents some findings on competitive analysis and industry trends, and helps in increasing the efficiency and automation of an organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much salary is offered to an MBA professional?

According to the Glassdoor report, an average salary of an MBA professional goes up to $74K per annum. MBA salary depends on experience, degree, institution, knowledge, job location, and many other factors.

What is the scope of an MBA?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) offers a comprehensive education in various business disciplines, equipping graduates with versatile skills in management, leadership, strategy, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. It can lead to diverse career opportunities across industries, increased earning potential, and a strong professional network.

Is online MBA recognized?

Yes, online MBA programs are recognized by many reputable universities and employers worldwide. With the growth of technology, online education has become more accessible and popular, and many top universities now offer online MBA programs. However, it's essential to ensure that the online MBA program you choose is accredited by a recognized accreditation body.

Is an online MBA a full-time MBA?

Yes. An online MBA is a full-time MBA. The only difference is that with an online MBA, lectures take place virtually, and on-campus attendance is not necessary. The on-campus full-time program, on the other hand, has a fixed schedule for lectures, exams, submissions, etc. 


Is an online MBA better than a regular MBA?

If you want to pursue Management education without compromising your job or other commitments, then an online MBA is better than a regular MBA

Can you complete an MBA in 1 year online?

Traditional MBA courses are for 2 years. If you want to pursue an executive MBA, you can complete it in one year.

Are all these MBA courses online? Do I need to come to campus to participate in online MBA courses?

Most of these MBA courses are online. You need to visit the specific MBA program pages to check whether you need to go to classrooms to attend the classes or if you can get live classes online.

Which is the best MBA online?

The best MBA online is the one that:

  • Is affiliated with a reputed institute

  • Provides job opportunities

  • Provides access to the vast peer network

  • Is designed to offer practical knowhow with the theoretical knowledge

Is prior work experience mandatory before taking up an MBA course?

No, prior work experience is not mandatory for enrolling in MBA programs, but having relevant work experience can enhance your application, improve your chances of admission at certain competitive universities, and can be beneficial during job placements.

How can an MBA degree help me in my career?

An MBA degree can enhance your career by providing advanced business knowledge, fostering leadership and decision-making skills, expanding your professional network, increasing earning potential, and offering access to diverse job opportunities across various industries.

Do online MBA graduates get jobs?

Yes. You will be offered a wide range of job prospects after completing an online MBA. Nowadays, leading companies are reaching out to online MBA graduates for a variety of job roles.

Can I be admitted to an MBA without a bachelor’s degree?

No. You need to have a bachelor's degree to get admission into an MBA.

Can I apply for an MBA program after high school graduation?

MBA programs typically require a bachelor's degree as a prerequisite for admission. Therefore, you cannot apply for an MBA immediately after high school graduation.

Overview Of Online MBA Courses

By MBA, we refer to the Masters of Business Administration. It is a degree course that provides practical and theoretical business knowledge to develop future leaders. 

MBA degree courses are open for graduates who would like to achieve career advancement in the Management domain. The MBA course provides an understanding of the topics such as Finance, HR, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, etc. 

Completing an MBA course helps candidates earn an MBA degree, advance their career, become business savvy, grow their professional network, or start their own business.

Types Of MBA Degree Programs

The MBA degree courses are available in different formats to suit the priorities and needs of candidates. The most popular MBA program formats are:


Online MBA Courses

On-Campus MBA Courses

Executive MBA Courses

The part-time/full-time online MBA courses are for working professionals and fresh graduates. The best online MBA courses typically run for 1-2 years.


These MBA online classes are held through electronic devices through live or recorded classes. 

Regular MBA degree courses are similar to Online MBA but require a candidate to attend full-time MBA classes. The program typically runs for two years.


The classes are held on Campus and learners need to go to the campus in order to attend the classes. 

Executive MBA courses are the MBA for working professionals. These courses typically run for 2 years with an advanced curriculum aiming to prepare future leaders and executives.


Executive MBA degree programs emphasize admitting candidates with work experience. These classes can be online as well as on campus, depending on the course. 

The Scope Of MBA Programs Worldwide

MBA is among the most in-demand courses around the world. It offers numerous career opportunities across various industries, such as Banking & Finance, Investment Banking, Information Technology and Management, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics, etc. 

With an online MBA degree, one can gather vital competencies even while working. The MBA degree holders have an advantage over other candidates as they develop a robust professional network, communication skills, leadership skills, and the confidence to land a leadership position in organizations or start a business from scratch.

Reasons To Study MBA Online

Graduates and working professionals pursue an Online MBA degree program to fulfil their long-term career goals. Here are some key reasons why you should consider an MBA course:

  • If you want to start your own business 

  • If you wish to progress in your career and lead a team in a multinational company. 

  • To advance your career in the Management domain.

  • To learn modern managerial and leadership concepts that attract growth at all levels. 

  • To be well-versed in business strategies and effective leadership. 

  • An MBA degree from a top B-school gives credibility to the candidate, which leads to better job prospects and high packages.

Skills Gained Through Top Online MBA Courses

The value of an MBA lies in the skills that a learner gains during an MBA program. Employers nowadays look for candidates who are masters of core competencies and have specializations in new-age competencies like Digital Finance, Digital Marketing, Data Science, etc. To be hired and grow your career, you need to develop specific skills that make your resume stand out. However, there is no set number of skills, and the list might be endless.

  • Managing Multiple Projects with their Deadlines.

  • Adaptability to New Rules, Principles, and Places

  • Building Healthy Relationships within the Organization

  • Communication Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

  • The Drive to Take Initiatives

  • Innovation and Creativity

Best Online MBA Courses

There are different top online MBA courses and online MBA for working professionals. These MBA courses are designed and offered by recognized universities to create the best management professionals in the future.

MBA Courses list and details


Top Online MBA Course (MBA Certificate and MBA Degree Course)

Duration, Accreditation, and Mode of learning

Executive PG Program in Management (MBA Certificate Course) by Great Lakes Executive Learning

12 Months | Live online classes

Factors To Consider Before Choosing An MBA Course

Plenty of top MBA colleges offer MBA degree programs. However, it will be advisable to focus on a few factors before choosing an online MBA course:

  • MBA Program Accreditation: Accreditation assures trust and confidence in the University. The MBA program you plan to choose should adhere to the standards framed by regional and national authorities. Check out MBA top universities for the same. 

  • MBA Degree Fees/Costs: The cost of an MBA degree program should be a fair balance between the cost of doing an MBA and a potential salary. 

  • MBA Faculty: Make sure that the students reach out to the program’s faculty and maximize their interactions with the faculty and industry leaders or mentors. 

  • MBA Program Curriculum: Check out the MBA curriculum before enrolling in it. Research the core topics and MBA specializations list covered in the program.

  • Support Systems Throughout the Program: Explore what Learning Management Systems are used by your MBA program. Clarify how your doubts will be resolved and check details on academic support.

  • Career Support after the Program: This is a critical factor as the student’s lookout for a placement at the end of the program. Explore the career support system offered by the program in terms of job opportunities, resume-building sessions, mock interview preparations, and a lot more. 

  • Alumni Network: Investigate how active the alumni network is and do you have any access to alumni. Figure out the opportunities to connect with peers and alumni.

In Demand Online MBA Specializations/ Electives

MBA Course


Executive PG Program in Management (MBA Certificate Course) by Great Lakes Executive Learning

  • Marketing Management
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Operations Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources


Online MBA Admission Eligibility And Requirements 

MBA Course 

MBA Eligibility

Executive PG Program in Management (MBA Certificate Course) by Great Lakes Executive Learning

Candidates should have a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in graduation or equivalent.


Candidates who have completed their Post Graduation Master's Program can also apply.

Online MBA Courses Fees

MBA course fees depend on the factors like course duration, accreditation, university collaboration, support services, etc. The total fee structure for Executive PG Program in Management is:


Executive PG Program in Management (MBA Certificate Course) by Great Lakes Executive Learning

USD 3200

Job Opportunities For Online MBA Degree

After securing an MBA degree, you can get a variety of job roles in fields like IT, healthcare, Retail, Business Operations, etc. These are some of the most common job roles you can pursue:

  • Business Development Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Financial Manager

  • Human Resource Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Management Consultant

  • Project Manager

  • Product Manager

  • Supply Chain Manager

  • Entrepreneur, and more.

Top Hiring Firms For MBA Graduates

Some of the top recruiters for MBA graduates include:

  • McKinsey & Company

  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

  • Amazon

  • Bain & Company

  • Deloitte

  • EY-Parthenon

  • Google

  • Microsoft

  • Accenture

  • JPMorgan Chase & Co., and more.

Salary Packages For Candidates Pursuing MBA Degree Programs

As per Payscale, the average salary of an MBA professional is $95K/year. It is based on multiple factors like job location, years of experience in the field, skills, online MBA from the best university, etc. By choosing the right specialization, one can earn higher than the other.

MBA Salary depends on various factors, including experience, career scope, specialization, job opportunities, etc. The top MBA colleges attract top-notch companies for placements that offer high salaries to an MBA professional. And that is the reason why lakhs of people go for an MBA every year. 

For Online MBAs for working professionals, i.e., Executive MBAs, the salaries offered are higher than the candidates who completed regular MBA Degree programs.

What Sets These Online MBA Courses Apart?

There are plenty of online MBA Universities that offer online degree programs for MBA. What sets these online MBA courses apart?

  • Successful Career Transition after completing MBA courses online. 

  • Online MBA students get access to the Job Board, where numerous companies are approached for sharing job opportunities with learners. 

  • Learn from top-notch faculty, industry leaders, and experienced academicians in the field of Management.

  • These MBA programs offer new-age specializations and electives like Digital Marketing, Data Science & Analytics, Digital Finance, and more. 

  • Get personalized mentorship along with hands-on exposure to various projects throughout the program. 

  • Get a dedicated program manager to solve your queries and access the vast professional network. Have an opportunity to interact with peers and grow your professional network.

Earn An MBA Certificate

Executive PG Program in Management (MBA Certificate Course): Earn an Executive Post Graduate Program in Management certificate from Great Lakes Executive Learning.

This degree or certificate adds value to your accomplishments and advances your career growth.