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Cybersecurity is now a crucial aspect of many industries, and to ensure its proper implementation, you need the right set of skills. Great Learning offers free Cybersecurity courses to help you upskill in this field. These online courses will empower you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques required to proactively protect your information and systems from cyber threats.


Get introduced to Cybersecurity, Firewalls, and Information Security in detail. Learn about Cyber Forensics, types of Cybersecurity, Network Security, and Encryption Basics. Comprehend Cybersecurity threats and gain advanced knowledge of Cybersecurity threats and governance. Enroll in these free online Cybersecurity courses that cover basic to advanced concepts and earn free course completion certificates.

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Cybersecurity refers to protecting internet-connected systems like software and hardware and securing the data from attackers. Nowadays, everything is related to the internet. So, to ensure your data or any product is manipulated and penetrated, you must know the measures to prevent them. This refers to being aware of Cybersecurity. Great Learning Academy is offering free Cybersecurity courses for learners to get acquainted with this internet security measure for free.


The demand for Cybersecurity is still reaching its height and is creating many opportunities for programmers to grow in this field. Many industries take Cybersecurity on top of the priority table. It is to secure their data and any pieces of information regarding their developing and developed products. Therefore, it is also known as information security.


We all are aware that Cybersecurity is an international concern. There are cases where many pieces of information about the users’ data were leaked by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities in the system. To avoid such scenarios, you must know the methods to prevent them. You can attain knowledge regarding types of Cybersecurity through Great Learning Academy’s “Types of Cybersecurity” free course.

The definition of Cybersecurity is “ Cybersecurity is the set of principles and practices designed to protect our computing resources and online information against the threat.”


Cybersecurity can be categorized into network security, application security, information or data security, identity management, operational security, mobile security, cloud security, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, and user education regarding the threats.

You must have heard a lot about hacking. Hacking is a kind of cyber threat that steals data from the system and manipulates it. This can be considered a cyber-attack. To eliminate any uncertainties in your system, you should know about cybersecurity. The main objective of Cybersecurity is to ensure data protection. 

Cybersecurity follows the CIA triad principles. CIA refers to confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The CIA model is mainly followed to ensure security and helps design any security architecture for any organization. You can now learn Ethical Hacking for free through Great Learning Academy’s free “Introduction to Ethical Hacking” course.

Let’s now get familiar with a few of the Cyber threats. Types of cyber threats include Malware, Phishing, Man-in-the-middle attack, DDoS attack, Brute Force, SQL injection(SQLI), and DNS attack.


Malware: refers to malicious software, primarily a commonly used tool to hack into your computer or disrupt your working system. Some examples of malware are viruses, trojans, spyware, and ransomware.


Phishing: Phishing is a cybercrime where the attacker sends spoofed messages to the victim’s machine pretending to be a legitimate person or institution. He tricks the victim into giving up the sensitive information or implants malicious software into the victim’s machine. This results in the theft of personal data and financial loss.  


Man-in-the-middle attack: This attack happens when the invalid third party gets in between the two parties’ conversations or transactions, sends requests or responses as genuine users, and steals your data.


DDoS: A DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a cyber-attack in which the attackers flood the network resource with many malicious requests. This exceeds the website’s capacity to handle the requests, and the host machine becomes unavailable for the intended users. Thus, it prevents some or all legitimate requests from being fulfilled.


Some benefits of Cybersecurity include the following:


1. Increased security of information: By implementing security measures, organizations can protect their critical data and information from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.


2. Improved reputation: Organizations that invest in cybersecurity can improve their reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of their customers and partners.


3. Reduced costs: By preventing data breaches and cyberattacks, organizations can save on the costs associated with these incidents.


Benefits of Learning Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly crucial and valuable job skill as the world increasingly relies on technology. Protecting networks, systems, and programs from cyberattacks is the practice of Cybersecurity. In a world where businesses and individuals are increasingly dependent upon digital infrastructure, it is essential to ensure that data is safeguarded and protected from malicious activity.


The need for Cybersecurity is clear, and the demand is only growing. Job postings for Cybersecurity positions are becoming increasingly frequent, and the industry is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Individuals with skills and expertise in the field are in greater demand and can expect to enjoy excellent job security and financial prospects in the years to come.


Learning cybersecurity can open up a wide range of opportunities, from private firms to government agencies and beyond. Companies in the private sector are spending more money on Cybersecurity solutions to safeguard their networks, data, and client data against harmful threats. As these measures become more sophisticated, organizations will need employees with the specialized knowledge and experience to protect them adequately.


In the public sector, government agencies at all levels strive to become more secure to protect their operations and citizens. Cybersecurity professionals can help ensure that government-run systems are safe from attackers, allowing for secure transactions and communication of sensitive information.


For those looking to work in Cybersecurity, there are many educational options available. 
People have a variety of options for acquiring the knowledge and skills they require to succeed, ranging from bachelor's degrees to technical certifications.


Whether you're interested in a career as a network security analyst, risk management specialist, or software engineer, there is ample opportunity to learn, grow, and excel in the field.


The value of Cybersecurity skills and knowledge is inarguable, and the benefits of learning the trade should not be overlooked. By investing in a career in Cybersecurity, individuals can enjoy strong job security and the potential to make a real difference within the industry.


Want to dwell deeper into Cybersecurity and enhance your practical knowledge? Great Learning's PG Cybersecurity Course is the best option for you. Get familiar with current trends, tools, and techniques of Cybersecurity along with hands-on implementation that helps you upskill and increase job opportunities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How to learn Cybersecurity for free?

You can enroll in Great Learning Academy's free Cybersecurity courses that familiarize you with in-demand security skills. You can choose courses that best suit your learning level and learn crucial Cybersecurity techniques.

How to do Cybersecurity courses?

If you want to get familiar with it from a basic level, then Great Learning Academy offers free Cybersecurity courses. You can dwell in the Cybersecurity field through Great Learning’s Best Cybersecurity Courses that cover advanced PG-level concepts and offers you a capstone project and a course completion certificate that plays a significant role in grabbing the best job opportunities in Cybersecurity.    


How to get Cybersecurity certificates for free?

Great Learning Academy offers free Cybersecurity courses that award you with free course completion certificates. 

Why take Cybersecurity Courses from Great Learning Academy?

Great Learning Academy is the visionary initiative by Great Learning, the leading e-Learning platform, to offer free industry-relevant courses. Free Cybersecurity courses contain courses ranging from beginner-level to advanced-level to help learners choose the best fit for them.

How long does it take to complete these Cybersecurity courses?

These free Cybersecurity courses offered by Great Learning Academy contain self-paced videos; hence learners can learn them at their convenience.

Will I have lifetime access to these Cybersecurity courses with certificates?

Yes. You will have lifelong access to these free Power BI courses Great Learning Academy offers.

What are my next learning options after these Cybersecurity courses?

You can enroll in a PG Cybersecurity course offered by Great Learning to learn Cybersecurity in-depth and earn a certificate of course completion that validates your skills. 


Is it worth learning Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing field with a predicted 28% increase in job growth from 2019 to 2029. The need to protect this information is becoming more critical with the increasing dependency on computer systems and data. It is worth learning if you are interested in a career in security or if you want to protect your personal information online.

Why is Cybersecurity so popular?

There are many reasons for the popularity of cybersecurity, but one of the most important is that it is essential for protecting electronic information. Cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses and individuals with the increasing dependence on computers and the internet.

Will I get certificates after completing these free Cybersecurity courses?

You will be awarded free Cybersecurity certificates after completion of your enrolled Cybersecurity free courses.

What knowledge and skills will I gain upon completing these free Cybersecurity courses?

You will gain skills in cryptography, secure-system design methodology, risk assessment, cyber attacks, and more crucial concepts of Cybersecurity.

How much do these Cybersecurity courses cost?

These Cybersecurity courses are provided by Great Learning Academy for free, allowing any learner to learn Cybersecurity and gain skills for free.

Who is eligible to take these free Cybersecurity courses?

Learners, from freshers to working professionals who wish to learn Cybersecurity and upskill, can enroll in these free Cybersecurity courses and earn certificates of course completion.

What are the steps to enroll in these free Cybersecurity courses?

Choose the free Cybersecurity courses you are looking for and click on the "Enroll Now" button to start your Cybersecurity learning journey.

What jobs demand you learn Cybersecurity?

Some jobs that demand you learn Cybersecurity include:

1. Cybersecurity Analyst
2. Cybersecurity Engineer
3. Cybersecurity Consultant
4. Cybersecurity Manager
5. Information Security Analyst
6. Information Security Engineer
7. Information Security Consultant
8. Information Security Manager